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Updated: Oct 14, 2021

Content extracted from the Open Access Paper:
Liang Xu, Chuang Chia Ming, Yuan Li, Kaiping Fan, Miao Zhang, Huiqing Sun and Zhiyou Guo, "Uniform Illumination Realized by Large Viewing Angle of Gallium Nitride-Based Mini-LED Chip With Translucent Sublayer Pairs," in IEEE Access, vol. 9, pp. 74713-74718, 21 April 2021. Paper released under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License:
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Top 10 Sentences:

1. To evaluate the effect of the LVA chip in backlight applications, this study compares the light uniformity of mini-LED arrays against those of normal mini-LEDs and LVA LEDs.

2. The selected layer materials with high and low refractive index included TiO2 and SiO2, respectively [Figures 2(b) and (d)], and the Essential Macleod commercial software was used to design and simulate the analysis of the translucent layer.

3. The presence of partially reflective translucent sublayer pairs on the emitting surface causes the axially incident light to be reflected along the lateral direction.

4. Finally, as the light comes out of the side of the chip, the area burned by the laser cutting can also cause a certain loss of light.

5. As seen from the microscopy images of a normal mini-LED and LVA-LED in Fig 5, in a traditional mini-LED, most of the exiting light remains perpendicular to the chip and no light is emitted from the side of the chip (Figure 5(a)).

6. Therefore, the introduction of the LVA mini-LED chip in the backlight system could facilitate a reduction in the panel thickness and mini-LED count.

7. The power meter is fixed on the bracket with the OD of 1.6mm from the backlight-panel, and moved to 9 points located on the panel respectively to record the power of each point.

8. Overall, the LVA mini-LED containing 5 translucent sublayer pairs represents the optimum tradeoff between the desired light uniformity and emission loss.

9. Figure 10(a)(b) shows the light distribution images of the normal mini-LED array and LVA mini-LED array with diffusor and QD films at OD = 1.6 mm, it can be seen that the normal mini-LED array shows the stripe patterns visibly, but as a comparison, the horizontal and vertical stripes disappear for the LVA mini-LED array, which has a better uniform planar light compared to the normal chip.

10. Measuring the light uniformity of the normal and LVA mini-LED arrays in backlight panels revealed the radiation half-power angle of the mini-LED array to have increased from 47.4% (normal chip) to 89.1% (chip containing 5 translucent sublayer pairs).

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