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Alyson Noel

Top 10 Best Quotes

“I guess by now I should know enough about loss to realize that you never really stop missing someone-you just learn to live around the huge gaping hole of their absence.”

“You never know what you have till you've lost it.”

“Today's worries are yesterday's fears and tomorrow's stories.”

“I love you," I whisper. "And I love you." He smiles, his lips seeking mine. "Always have. Always will.”

“Oh, so you see some chick in baggy jeans and a hoodie, and you just have to have her so bad, you decide to repeat high school, just to get her?" "Sounds about right." He laughs.”

“And now I'm right back where I started. Sober and miserable.”

“Though I have to admit, I had a good laugh when I realized you thought I was a bloodsucker." He smiles. "Oh, well excuse me. I mean since there are immortals running around, I figure we may as well bring on the faeries, wizards, werewolves, and—" I shake my head. "I mean jeez, you talk about all this like it's normal!”

“Only love heals. Anger, guilt, and fear can only destroy and separate you from your true capabilities.”

“You're strictly a tulip girl—a red tulip girl.”

“I was a beautiful vampire princess loved, worshiped and admired by all. I lived in a luxurious gothic castle and I have no idea how I ended up at this fiberglass table with you losers.”

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