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Karolina Dalca, Dark Eyes

M. R. Noble

Top 10 Best Quotes

“The usual warmth of his hands wasn’t there. They chilled my skin as they slipped to my waist, and I realized he was scared.”

“A star becomes a sun, under the pressure of darkness.”

“Realization hit his face like a bomb. His hand trembled on my cheek, and he looked down to the ground, no longer able to hold my gaze.”

“There are two types of men, Karolina. The ones who can admire the greatness of the little flower. Or the ones who try to control it.”

“Do you want me?” he whispered. It was a simple but loaded question. The answer, like it could remove all anguish from the past few weeks, stood out in my head. “Yes.”

“she told me to be my own hero. Inside of all of us was the potential for greatness—all it took was a change in perspective. “You can burn brighter than they can, if you have too.”

“For a second, fire flared inside of him, not like mine, but the fire of a man about to lose control.”

“I had plans, Karolina, and I chose power over love.”

“I couldn’t remember a time when I felt the type of love Miruna had. Eternal love. The kind which keeps one going when one is ninety and alone.”

“You can burn brighter than they can, if you have too.”

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Book Keywords:

falsely-accused, on-the-run, vampires, fantasy, mythical-creatures, romance, avenger, dark-magic, magical-world, underworld

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