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These Violent Delights

Chloe Gong

Top 10 Best Quotes

“The stars incline us, they do not bind us.”

“Do you not listen to me when I speak?” he answered shakily, his lip quirking up. “I love you. I have always loved you.”

“You know me. Running around. Living life. Committing arson.”

“Memories were beastly little creatures, after all—they rose with the faintest whiff of nourishment.”

“She…hoped. And hope was dangerous. Hope was the most vicious evil of them all, the thing that had managed to thrive in Pandora’s box among misery, and disease, and sadness—and what could endure alongside others with such teeth if it didn’t have ghastly claws of its own?”

“I was raised in hatred, Roma. I could never be your lover, only your killer.”

“You destroy me and then you kiss me. You give me a reason to hat you and then you give me a reason to love you. Is this a lie or the truth? Is the a ploy or your heart reaching for me?”

“Don’t you dare,” Roma said. “Don’t you dare fall apart now, dorogaya.”

“These days Juliette,” he said, low and warily, “the most dangerous people are the powerful white men who feel as if they have been slighted.”

“Even the land of dreams needs to wake up sometimes.”

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