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Contengan Jalanan


Top 10 Best Quotes

“The man that decided to change on the 12th hours died at the 11th.”

“Everybody know death is inevitably coming, but it never fails to catch everybody by surprise everytime one is going”

“Live the moment. Cherish the present. Anticipate the future. Frame the yesteryear”

“To live is learn, and to learn is to live. Live. Learn.”

“Talking is nothing. Doing is something.”

“Complex question can only be solved by patience.”

“Life is full of changes. And surprises. And the inexplicable(s).”

“Respecting requests, rules and privacy is a universal law. You break that basic etiquette 101, you're seriously flawed.”

“Life is short, Laugh. Live”

“Losing never come easy. First off, preserved the memories.”

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