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All the Young Dudes


Top 10 Best Quotes

“Anything for our Moony”

“You were my little bit of magic.”

“He had never known two people could be simultaneously so angry with each other and so much in love.   And it was love. Without a doubt.”

“I've loved keeping your secret, Remus wanted to say, I'd keep a thousand more, for you.”

“Didn’t I tell you, Moony? Didn’t I tell you?!” He whispered, feverishly. “You did,” Remus smiled, weakly. He lowered his voice, so that no one else could hear him, and looked at Sirius carefully, “Was it scary? Was I scary?” He had no idea what he looked like in wolf form. Sirius’s expression did not flicker. “No.” He said, firmly. “You were beautiful.”

“after all that waiting they hadn't had very long at all in the end”

“I loved him," Remus said. "but he wasn't you”

“Sorry isn't good enough. Your guilt isn't good enough. I need you to feel it too. I trusted you. I trusted you with every last secret, I offered you every piece of me. What else have I got now? I could kill you. I could bash your teeth in so you choke on them, I could wrap my hands around your throat and squeeze, I could rip you to pieces, I could, I could, I could kiss you, you fucking bastard.”

“Tell me a secret? A nice one?” Remus paused. He kissed Sirius’s hair. “I’m mental about you, too.”

“One emotional crisis at a time”

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