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Raymond E. Feist

Top 10 Best Quotes

“Life is problems. Living is solving problems.”

“A hero is someone who simply got too frightened to use his good sense and run away, then somehow lived through it all.”

“Altruism accrues little benefit to those lying cold in the gutter.”

“Whatever displeasure she felt was openly voiced, and quickly resolved, by either compromise or one partner’s acceptance of the other’s intractability.”

“what matters isn’t whether or not you’re frightened, but how you behave.”

“his mind was an enraged animal, bouncing off the bars of a magically imposed cage, and like an animal, he reacted blindly, striking against the barrier again and again, determined either to be free or to die. Hot”

“Tell them this: somehow our two worlds stand linked again by some dark power of Tsurani origin. It moves against the Kingdom. It is power beyond human understanding, perhaps power to challenge the gods themselves.”

“No matter how canny you think you are, something can come along, bam, and put you on your prat.”

“Knowing what things are not is often as important as knowing what they are.”

“It is the single blackest shame in the memory of our race that one segment of our people utterly destroyed another. ‘But”

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