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America's Daughter

Maria Nhambu

Top 10 Best Quotes

“On the plane leaving Africa, I had a vision of Mama Africa, a powerful and proud African woman carrying the abundant fruits of Africa in a basket. She accompanied me as I gazed down on the continent I was leaving. She would be with me in my new country, Mama Africa assured me, and I would forever be a child of Africa.”

“With tears of joy, I recalled Fat Mary’s role in my childhood. She had been my consoler and counselor since the day I understood I was alone in the world and had no one who loved me or wanted me. I had decided back then that I would love me, fat me, just as I was. Her role was also to safeguard the meaningful and happy moments of my childhood and bring them to me when I needed to remember life’s goodness.”

“As puzzled as I was by my classmates’ assumptions, their classification of me as a Black American nonetheless comforted me. Could it be that now, finally, I had my own group to belong to? Would Black Americans claim me just because the whites assigned me to them?”

“It is not about forgetting but about not letting the past define you. It is about learning from it and embracing its role as your lifetime teacher.”

“In your heart, you will always be African, but in America you are a Black American. It is possible and desirable to be both.”

“How could I live without dancing?”

“When my depression turned to anger, I knew I was on the way to recovery.”

“In their hearts, they know that we are all created equal in the eyes of God and the universe. Whoever thinks otherwise will never be happy.”

“Haven’t I always said that no amount of beating, ridicule, or degradation could change your beauty, inside or out?”

“Discovering dance and its power to heal my soul played a key role in my survival.”

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