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Not Quite a Husband

Sherry Thomas

Top 10 Best Quotes

“It doesn’t matter where I am; I’m yours.”

“Sometimes limbs must be re-broken to set properly, her heart too needed to shatter anew before it could truly heal.”

“He glanced at her. “You were the moon of my existence; your moods dictated the tides of my heart.” The tides of her own heart surged at his words, even though his words were nothing but lies.”

“To the beginning of the rest of our lives. —Leo”

“I had this daft idea to come and bury the past. Except the past is not quite dead.”

“The Castle. He’d seen this expression far too many times during their marriage. The Castle was Bryony drawing up the gates and retreating deep into the inner keep. And he’d always hated it. Marriage meant that you shared your goddamn castle. You didn’t leave your poor knight of a husband circling the walls trying to find a way in.”

“Outwardly, other than her hair, she had not changed much. She was still more or less the same cool, aloof woman who garnered more respect than affection. On the inside, however, it had been impossible to return to the person she used to be.”

“Her Leo, so bright, so beautiful. And in the end, so catastrophically flawed.”

“Dear Bryony, There are many things I wish I had time to tell you, so I will say just this: These past few days have been some of the best days of my life. Because of you. My fervent hope is that you are safe and well as you read this letter. That you will have all the happiness I wish I could have shared with you. And that you will remember me not as a failed husband, but one who was still trying, til the very end. Yours always, Leo”

“He’d gone into their marriage determined that she would never be alone again. In the end, she’d made him as alone in the world as she.”

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