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Heaven and Hell

Kristen Ashley

Top 10 Best Quotes

“You got one life, never use it just to breathe.”

“Wherever you are, however you got there, if it's good, you're meant to be there either because you earned it or life led you there and you were smart enough to hold on.”

“There are very few, very fuckin' few people, Kia, who get what's precious in this world. They work their asses off for pure shit and think they'd fight and die to keep it. You don't fight and die for shit. You fight and die for things that matter. You are the first woman I've met outside a life that leads you to understand that shit who gets that. And straight up, baby, you gotta know, I like that a fuckuva lot.”

“Anywhere is heaven as long as it's with you.”

“Then he muttered like he was talking to himself, "I don't know if I want her to figure out she's fuckin' gorgeous so she isn't so fuckin' clueless when a player marks her or if I'm glad I finally got one who looks as good as her and has no fuckin' clue." "Are you wanting me to participate in this discussion or are you having a conversation with yourself?" "You're participation isn't required," Sam replied... and I looked up to see him grinning.”

“There were smiles, chin jerks, head nods, handshakes and so much hot guy hormone floating in the air around them it was a wonder every female in a two block radius didn’t instantly become pregnant.”

“Make him work to unlock your secrets, my Kia," she whispered. "Do not accept another man in your life who does not rise to that challenge and do it gallantly.”

“I know you're freaked, I know you're scared and I know you can come up with a million reasons that you're not ready, all of which will be excuses. But now that I know exactly what's behind those shields you got up... you gotta know that knowin' that makes me no less into you... In fact, it makes me more into you... And you'll learn, because I'll prove it to you, I'll never hurt you.”

“In a healthy relationship, you're allowed to get pissed and in my face. Fuck, I need you to do that so I know what buttons not to push, where I can't go and avoid those places. And I'll do the same for you. Its part of learning how to take care of each other. Its fightin but its a form of communication and it's also a form of trust. We have words, we come to terms, we learn about each other and we move on stronger.”

“I didn’t just want your light, your power, your strength. I wanted all of you. I asked for it. I fought for it. But you kept it from me and you did it willingly knowing I needed it. I’m sorry, Sam, I’ve made my decision. I thought I could do it but I was wrong. It’s all or nothing.”

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