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Your Dreams Will Not Die

Bernard Kelvin Clive

Top 10 Best Quotes

“Your mind can be either your prison or your palace. What you make it is yours to decide”

“Today, just take time to smell the roses, enjoy those little things about your life, your family, spouse, friends, job. Forget about the thorns -the pains and problems they cause you - and enjoy life.”

“They may try to stop you by their words and deeds, but like air you will rise above it all. You are unstoppable”

“I’m not out to compete with any one, I’m here to complete, by encouraging and inspiring souls through a text at a time”

“I’ve learned that no matter how inspired, fired up and motivated you might be, the dark clouds will always set in”

“There is always a way out, as there is a way in”

“It's better to dare to dream big and achieve half of your dreams than to dream small dreams and achieve all”

“There is Royalty in your DNA”

“Life has it woes so learn to be on your toes, be alert.”

“This is the time to rise up and design(customize) your life.”

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