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Life Between Seconds

Douglas Weissman

Top 10 Best Quotes

“It just came out. A laugh. It was a laugh that came straight from my belly. I could not stop it. It came out and kept coming. I was worried that I would wake Gaston, but he did not move. I was in bed, in my pajamas, exhausted, in despair, unsure of where my baby was, and I could not stop laughing.” ”

“Peter loved to hear the story of how his father tried to steal the sun. ”

“...whoever said that there was too much of a good thing never had a bad thing last too long. ”

“She grabbed the phone from the counter and dialed a number she convinced herself she had forgotten, a number for  a home from which she tried desperately to run. A silence ate at her through the earpiece.”

“You can smell Philippe before the door opens, that mix of sea and fruit that makes you think of the Caribbean, but you’ve never been to the Caribbean. You’ve never been outside of Argentina. ”

“To see her face one more time. To have her hold me one more time without seeing the blood drip into the ocean and turn the water red. ”

“Sofia couldn’t afford to live on faith any longer. It ended up hurting too much.  ”

“One by one, slow, quiet, with little more than a whispered end, Sofia snuffed the remaining candles. For every prayer she had that was never answered, she extinguished another light, another’s prayer, determined to take it back, to take them all back. ”

“It was here at the bottom of heaven, where the sun was whole and the clouds burned away to give hope back to the hopeless, where the snow fell full and comfortable, where the wind was silent, even if only for the moment, it was here, Peter found his bear and Claus found his boy, and the world held its breath—”

“But in one pot, close to the edge—where the petals had tumbled over—Sofia planted a rosebush, a white one, and waited for the blossoms and the thorns.”

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