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Elevate: An Essential Guide to Life

Joseph Deitch

Top 10 Best Quotes

“Discomfort may be a doorway; don’t run from it.”

“When in doubt, adopt an attitude of curiosity.”

“Fascination is much more enjoyable than frustration, and it’s far more productive. By attempting to sincerely understand something, we become open and curious, which is a great starting point for learning and growth.”

“We think we’re making a cogent decision about specific circumstances when we’re really just having a pre-programmed reflexive response.”

“One of the points that all wise men and women agree on is this: If we want our world to improve, we should work on ourselves first. That’s where the significant gains are to be found. Focusing on the inadequacies of others, or the unfairness in the world, is often just a trap of our own making as we resist looking in the mirror.”

“Awareness is not a school quiz that can be passed by reading and memorizing some facts. It’s a journey that is fueled by our intent to be open, honest, and free.”

“As you understand more, you will become more.”

“A key to dramatic growth is to recognize an amazing paradox: By accepting and actually embracing our limitations, we allow ourselves to open up to the knowledge, experience, and insights of others.”

“We must sense and confront our blockages and biases if we are to be open and grow.”

“The “answer” doesn’t come in a formula or a one-sentence aphorism. Rather, the path to ongoing enlightenment begins by loosening our death grip on our opinions, beliefs, and ingrained behavior. When we let go, we create space to let in new insights and observations—we explore, we expand, and we become more aware. Letting go and opening up allows us to confront repressed feelings and fears, and allows love and compassion to flourish. That’s why one person’s “answer” might offer little insight to someone else.”

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