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Arch of Triumph: A Novel of a Man Without a Country

Erich Maria Remarque

Top 10 Best Quotes

“-Why does a man live? -In order to think about it...”

“Anything you can settle with money is cheap.”

“Come let me kiss you. Life was never so precious as today— when it meant so little.”

“I don’t want to get old.” “You won’t get old. Life will pass over your face, that will be all, and it will become more beautiful. One is old only when one no longer feels.” “No. When one no longer loves.”

“I’ll tell you the story of the wave and the rock. It’s an old story. Older than we are. Listen. Once upon a time there was a wave who loved a rock in the sea, let us say in the Bay of Capri. The wave foamed and swirled around the rock, she kissed him day and night, she embraced him with her white arms, she sighed and wept and besought him to come to her. She loved him and stormed about him and in that way slowly undermined him, and one day he yielded, completely undermined, and sank into her arms.” “And suddenly he was no longer a rock to be played with, to be loved, to be dreamed of. He was only a block of stone at the bottom of the sea, drowned in her. The wave felt disappointed and deceived and looked for another rock “What does that mean? He should have remained a rock.” “The wave always says that. But things that move are stronger than immovable things. Water is stronger than rocks.”

“The best way to lose a woman was to show her a kind of life that one could offer her for only a few days.”

“Love should not be polluted with friendship.”

“Regret is the most useless thing in the world. One cannot recall anything. And one cannot rectify anything. Otherwise we would all be saints. Life did not intend to make us perfect. Whoever is perfect belongs in a museum.”

“No one could become stranger than the person you once loved”

“Am I jealous? he thought, astonished. Jealous of the chance object to which she has attached herself? Jealous of something that does not concern me? One can be jealous of a love that has turned away, but not of that to which it has turned.”

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