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Complete Works of Oscar Wilde

Oscar Wilde

Top 10 Best Quotes

“To be really mediæval one should have no body. To be really modern one should have no soul. To be really Greek one should have no clothes.”

“Time is a waste of money.”

“The first duty in life is to be as artificial as possible.  What the second duty is no one has as yet discovered.”

“A truth ceases to be true when more than one person believes in it.”

“Requiescat Tread lightly, she is near Under the snow, Speak gently, she can hear The daisies grow. All her bright golden hair Tarnished with rust, She that was young and fair Fallen to dust. Lily-like, white as snow, She hardly knew She was a woman, so Sweetly she grew. Coffin-board, heavy stone, Lie on her breast, I vex my heart alone She is at rest. Peace, Peace, she cannot hear Lyre or sonnet, All my life’s buried here, Heap earth upon it.”

“And when wind and winter harden All the loveless land, It will whisper of the garden, You will understand.”

“If one tells the truth, one is sure, sooner or later, to be found out.”

“But we who live in prison, and in whose lives there is no event but sorrow, have to measure time by throbs of pain, and the record of bitter moments. We have nothing else to think of. Suffering ― curious as it may sound to you ― is the means by which we exist, because it is the only means by which we become conscious of existing; and the remembrance of suffering in the past is necessary to us as the warrant, the evidence, of our continued identity.”

“A really well-made buttonhole is the only link between Art and Nature.”

“The one person who has more illusions than the dreamer is the man of action.”

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