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Counter Identity

Karl Braungart

Top 10 Best Quotes

“I can’t go into detail, but it’s why I went to the special meeting at the Pentagon.”

“Paul, tell him you need to talk to international security advisors. Briefly explain the army asked you to act as a temporary diplomat. You don’t have to give the details. Now, what are your calendar plans?”

“Well, here’s the shocker,” said Kirby. “Majors Miller and McKinsey believe our former Captain Paul Remmich is acting as a spy for the Iraqi government.”

“Wait a minute. What was that name you mentioned? Something about Allah?”

“I realized he was on the island when I found this matchbook.”

“Aha, Yury, I wonder if they are getting more US military. I am very anxious to get the recording. We want to know what is taking place between these Americans and Iraqis.”

“Yes, I never expected to see you!”

“The CID official said to the Russians, “I didn’t know contractors worked on weekends. Why are you two here today?”

“I want to follow your orders, but, I…I still work for military intelligence, and I need permission to travel out of my stationed area.”

“I am calling to tell you that Colonel Yildiz has made travel arrangements for you, Tara, and me. We are flying to Istanbul tomorrow. I’ll call you back and with the departure time. Do you understand?”

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