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Scott Westerfeld

Top 10 Best Quotes

“What did a happy ending even mean in real life, anyway? In stories you simply said, 'They lived happily ever after,' and that was it. But in real life people had to keep on living, day after day, year after year.”

“Being an author sucks, doesn't it? It's like telling a joke and nobody laughs for two years.”

“Real life doesn’t have many happy endings. Why shouldn’t books make up the difference?”

“Hiding from the truth was worse than being lied to.”

“You don't know what it's like, when your best friend disappears.”

“The best way to know a city is to eat it.”

“You don't think happy endings are stupid anymore?" "Your question is irrelevant," Imogen said. "This isn't the end.”

“Just remember, the things we write, they aren't always really us.”

“In a novel you always knew the moment when something Happened, when someone Changed. But real life was full of gradual, piecemeal, continuous transformation. It was full of accidents and undefineables, and things that just happened on their own. The only certainty was 'It's complicated,' whether or not unicorns tolerated your touch.”

“First love is amazing and wonderful, but a kind of panic underlies it, a sense of not knowing what you're doing.”

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