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Laura Thalassa

Top 10 Best Quotes

“Getting angry at one of the horsemen of the apocalypse for bringing about the end of man is like getting angry at ice for being cold.”

“A woman should not be oddly pleasing. She should be a ball-busting, skull-crushing, badass motherfucker who is impossible to forget.”

“Were you born with all your organs intact?” he responds. I can’t see his face, so I have no way of knowing where he’s going with this question. “Yes …” I say cautiously. “Good,” he responds, “then I expect you to use the one beneath your skull.” Damn. That insult burned a little.”

“Love has a funny way of rearranging priorities.”

“I came to conquer this land and its people, but instead, one of its people conquered me.”

“Last night I could not decide which you were—a tonic or a toxin,” he says. “Today I’ve discovered you’re both.”

“Love is the greatest gift we can give or receive.”

“Kindness is chopping firewood for the elderly couple who has neither the money nor the means to acquire it. Kindness is a warm hug or a soft smile. Kindness is not this fuckery right here.”

“This is not lust I feel, dear Sara. And I hope you are half as frightened of it as I am.”

“Pride is a lonely soldier, seeing out his watch when there’s no one else there to care.”

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