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The Best Option

Jaachynma N.E. Agu

Top 10 Best Quotes

“Friendship is like a walk in the wood; you may not know the terrain too well or even know where you are headed yet you enjoy it all the same!”

“We Are The Salt Of The Earth, We should Add Godly Flavour to People's Lives via Our Words”

“The Purpose of Friendship To Me Is To Have One One To Complement And Not One To Compete With!”

“Where You Hail From Isn't As Important As Who You Are and What You Do...Your Doings Define and Describe You.”

“The mindset of the Champions is All of it or None of it; they don't play second- fiddle.”

“Parents don't become inaccessible to your Children, when they don't get the right information from you, they may get the wrong one from an outsider; you are their wise!”

“God doesn't demand from you what He hasn't committed to your hands...yes”

“God Is Not A Thief; the Devil Is the one that steals, kills and destroys.”

“God Is Love But For This Love To Be Real To Us Depends Largely On Our Responses and Reactions to Him.”

“God Doesn't Love Me The Way I Deserve...He Loves Me The Way He Desires...”

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