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All of It

Kim Holden

Top 10 Best Quotes

“Denial can be beautiful But only when you're a fantastic liar”

“Fairy tales are even better when they're real”

“There should always be another kiss And another after that”

“Life's most important questions Should always be written in ALL CAPS”

“Misery loves company Tragically”

“Bruises that are ugly And painful And more than skin deep”

“Hearts can physically shatter Ask me I'll tell you”

“A heart full of words And an uncooperative mouth Make an unfortunate pairing”

“I’ve learned that to love means giving everything, body and soul, and expecting nothing in return. The beautiful thing is that if you’re loved in return, it will all come back to you ten-fold.”

“It feels like it feels Nothing more Nothing less”

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love, denial, bruises, romance, liar, suicide, kiss, depression, heart

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