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Frankly in Love

David Yoon

Top 10 Best Quotes

“People who let themselves learn new things are the best kind of people.”

“Humanity's greatest strength - and also the reason for its ultimate downfall - is its ability to normalize even the bizarre.”

“Laughter is the music of the deep cosmos connecting all human beings that says all the things mere words cannot.”

“If you have the will to do something, and you keep at it, and you don't give up, you can do anything. And there's no greater will than the will to love who you want.”

“love is a belief mutually held. As soon as that belief fades on either end, then poof, the whole thing falls face-flat like a tug-of-war suddenly gone one-sided.”

“Nothing is just any one single thing. In fact, what starts out as one thing can turn out to be something completely different.”

“If wall of oobleck block your way, don't punch and slap and kick all day, Just hold your breath and close your eyes and simply ease yourself inside. Walk slowly through the dark, don't fear, For someday you'll be far from here.”

“White people can describe themselves with just American. Only when pressed do they go into their ethnic heritage. Doesn't seem fair that I have to forever explain my origin story with that silent hyphen, whereas white people don't. It's complicated. But simple. Simplicated.”

“You can run across a big trough of oobleck, if for some reason you (a) have a big enough trough lying around and (b) enough oobleck to fill it.”

“People can code switch to confuse others, express dominance or submission, or disguise themselves.”

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