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Summer Bird Blue

Akemi Dawn Bowman

Top 10 Best Quotes

“Some people are meant to be forever, like Lea and me. And other people come into your life for a reason— you help each other figure shit out and come to terms with complicated feelings that you can't process on your own.”

“Grief is a monster - not everyone gets out alive, and those who do might only survive in pieces. But it's a monster that can be conquered, with time.”

“And maybe that’s like life. You live for a moment—one single moment. And then you don’t matter. Because there are years of the past and years of the future, and we’re all simply one tiny blip in time—a surge of water waiting to leave our mark on the sand, only to have it washed away by the waves that come after us. And Lea, with her brief, tiny wave. She didn’t get to make a mark. If she’d had more time, she would have been a hurricane.”

“piece of paper falls out and floats to the ground. I pick it up carefully, studying the handwriting I don’t recognize but know is Mr. Watanabe’s. In neat, swooping letters written with black pen are the words: If you get lost in the darkness, remember to follow the music. Thanks for reminding me to do the same. Even though I’m crying, I’m smiling, too.”

“Your sexuality -- and how you identify -- is nobody else's business. You can change your mind, or not change your mind. Those labels exist for you, and not so that everyone else can try to force you into a box. Especially if that box is their close-minded idea of fucking normal.”

“You can't rush creativity. It's like the rain. You wait and wait and wait, and when it finally comes, it soaks the earth and revives all the plants.”

“I don't know how to hang on to someone who doesn't exist in the same world as me.”

“People fall down. You can either laugh or cry. Laughing makes it easier fo' get back up, though.”

“I wish I wen' spend less time being haunted and mo' time facing my pain, so dat way--me an' her--we could have been living wit' his memories instead of hiding from dem.”

“My sister died and my parents abandoned me. I kind of stopped caring about tomorrow.”

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