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A Heart in a Body in the World

Deb Caletti

Top 10 Best Quotes

“Oh, every person is a book with chapters. Some are glorious and some are dark and ugly. Every person survives something.”

“It's the people who know you and love you that save you.”

“She has decided to keep going, as anyone could tell by her closed eyes and calm expression. She realizes that all big decisions are ones that must be decided and decided again. She imagines that when you fall in love, you must decide to be in love a million times or more, and when you go to college, you must decide again and again to stay in college, and the same thing is true when you decide to run across the United States of America after a horrible tragedy. When you are a person who cares for any other person, you must decide again to care, she also understands.”

“Music and books stir up emotions. They make feelings rise and clatter and wreck, and sometimes that's dangerous. But music can make you rise up and clatter and destroy when you need to, too.”

“Anxiety is like being in freeway traffic all the time. There's the constant sense of dodging and darting, seeking your chance to cut in, the irritation of others pulling ahead of you. You hit the accelerator, you slam the brakes. You scout and scan for danger.”

“Grief is everywhere. It's its own being. It walks beside you silently, jumps out at you meanly, pokes you awake at night. It makes tears roll down your cheeks at a blue sky.”

“She survived something big, and when you survive something big, you are always, always aware that next time you might not.”

“Your only job—and it’s a big one—is to try to speak and live your own honest truth. That truth might shift. You might need more time to even understand what that truth is. That’s it. That’s the job. Trying to manage or control everyone else? Not the job. Impossible, besides.”

“The problem is, she's done things too often because she didn't what to disappoint people.”

“The point is that you feel uncomfortable, and you're trying to talk yourself out of it because you think you're supposed to be nice.”

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