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Eve & Adam

Michael Grant

Top 10 Best Quotes

“Its the fate of all creators: They fall in love with their creations.”

“Oh, Snap," I say. "What?" "Sorry. I was flashing back to 2005.”

“Here's the thing: I am not beautiful. I'm pretty. I'll allow that much. Pretty. But I'm not the girl boys long for.”

“I have good shoulders, might as well reveal them. I know she's checking me out. Fair enough, because I'm checking her out. "Ah ahh ahhhh!" Eve cries out suddenly. She's in pain. Bad pain. so it's possible she's not really checking me out.”

“The computer's password protected. I try the basics: 1,2,3,4. QWERTY. YTREWQ, which is qwerty backward. PASSWORD. A few others. Whoever uses this computer isn't quite that dumb. They are, however, dumb enough to write it down in the corner of the desk blotter.”

“We could do muscles first, then brains,: Aislin suggests. "It's not all genetic, you know: he would have to work out." "Make him right and I'll work him out," she says with a trace of her confident leer. "Without a brain?" She sighs. "They're better off without one.”

“This much I know already: When Tommy and the Big Brains, in whispered, wry asides, talk about Project 88715, they call it something else. They call it the "Adam Project.”

“There's no hurry. I'm not a pint of half-and-half about to expire. I can wait until I meet the right person.”

“Every single person I've seen in the past few days asks me about the Leg. How is it? How's the Leg? The Leg is attached. Thanks for asking. There's The Leg right there. It's on display, always outside of the sheets and blanket, although the whole thing is still so wrapped up it looks like I borrowed The Leg from some ancient Egyptian mummy. How's The Leg? It seems a bit mummyish, thanks.”

“Some other part of me is hoping Solo's returned, so I can scream at him and then, quite possibly, kiss him for several days.”

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