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The Fine Print

Lauren Asher

Top 10 Best Quotes

“Love with all your heart and show kindness in all your actions.”

“Zahra’s it for me. I know it with everything in me, and my intuition has never been wrong before. There’s nothing in the world I’ll find more beautiful than her. Not the sun. Not the moon. Not even the entire galaxy compares to the light she radiates wherever she goes.”

“how can we appreciate the sun every morning if we don’t live through the dark?”

“Life's too short to hide who you are because you're afraid of getting hurt.”

“You know how the saying goes. Act like a dick, lose said dick.”

“If I had a heart to give, it would be all yours. Free of cost.”

“To the girls who dream of meeting a prince but end up falling for the misunderstood villain.”

“I’ll never stop being greedy when it comes to Zahra. She will always be the exception to any rule and the one person I’m willing to screw the world over for. Because if she’s not happy, I’ll ruin whatever stole her smile, myself included.”

“You better have a massive dick to back up that attitude or else people will be mighty disappointed.”

“It’s like she shits sprinkles and consumes rainbows for sustenance.”

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