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Don't Die Sitting

Saji Ijiyemi

Top 10 Best Quotes

“Don't buy books for your shelf, buy them for yourself.”

“I am not worried about dying, what I am worried about is not living”

“Be careful of the lie you believe about yourself, sooner or later, you will be convinced of it.”

“Some people are busy working on their pose instead of their purpose.”

“It bothers me when people have no problem paying for all they can eat but have problems investing in all they can be.”

“Everyone has a head but not everyone get ahead”

“Good leaders sacrifice for others to survive; bad leaders sacrifice others to survive”

“The problem is not the problem, the problem is the way we see the problem”

“Poor is what people become, not what they are born to be.”

“If I have to choose between opportunity and preparation, I’d choose preparation, without it opportunity is useless.”

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