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Ezekiel's Eyes

John Pease

Top 10 Best Quotes

“Yea though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I shall fear no evil. Because I have my shotgun and bullets blessed by God to comfort me.”

“Woe unto all who have walked by the water but not gotten wet, for the sea of tears is now dry, and all who try to fill their bowls will know thirst.”

“Most people never really noticed Thomas—even when he was right in front of them.”

“Go and find shelter, for now is the time of the Horse Men, and they give no quarter.”

“Behold, the day of revelations is now upon mankind, and soon the seven judgments shall be poured out upon the earth.”

“…and just for a second, she could have sworn she saw a shadow or something standing next to him, watching her as well.”

“The woman looked her in the eyes. She never moved her lips, but Vera could hear her say, “Stay away from them shadows; that’s where he lives. That’s where he gets his power.”

“Reveal yourself, demon, and shed your mortal guise, for I see you plainly. I am a cup bringer for the one true God, and all who stand opposing shall surely fall” ”

“Your true face,” she said. He replied, “Yes, the ‘face’ that God sees when he talks to me.”

“She could feel him reaching places inside her that were unnatural.”

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