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Aşkanjali: The Sufi Sermon

Abhijit Naskar

Top 10 Best Quotes

“If an act of inhumanity goes unchallenged in your presence, then you have no right to call yourself human.”

“Ten footsteps with a purpose can give you more joy than a thousand footsteps without purpose.”

“Only if you could love the other without insecurity, without possessiveness, without reward, then you could taste the real infinite sweetness of life.”

“Until your love makes you leap beyond norms, it ain't love. If your faith is more important than your love, then it's not love. If your tradition is more important than your love, it's not love. If your culture is more important than your love, it's not love.”

“Pursuit of a question asked by no one is far greater than memorizing an answer known to everyone.”

“Just once, I repeat, just once, destroy the divisions imposed on your soul by your society - and your eyes will open up to a new dawn - the real dawn - the dawn of civilization - the dawn of humanization - the dawn of universal salvation – the salvation where the human mind is human first then everything else.”

“Gallantry doesn’t mean sleeping with people, gallantry means standing by the helpless, the discriminated, the downtrodden and the forgotten, even if it means going against an entire army.”

“Adjusting to inhumanity is an inhumanity itself.”

“True civilized love liberates your mind, instead of binding it with the torturous chains of possessiveness.”

“There is no greater jihad than to help the helpless - there is no greater crusade than to bring hope to the hopeless - there is no greater advancement than to lift the fallen - there is no greater humanity than to burn oneself for others to have warmth.”

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