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What Maisie Knew

Henry James

Top 10 Best Quotes

“She took refuge on the firm ground of fiction, through which indeed there curled the blue river of truth.”

“Everything had something behind it: life was like a long corridor with rows of closed doors.”

“Fear, unfortunately, is a very big thing, and there's a great variety of kinds.”

“She had a new feeling, the feeling of danger; on which a new remedy rose to meet it, the idea of an inner self or, in other words, of concealment.”

“By the time she had grown sharper,..., she found in her mind a collection of images and echoes to which meanings were attachable- images and echoes kept for her in the childish dusk, the dim closet, the high drawers, like games she wasn't big enough to play.”

“What there was no effective record of indeed was the small strange pathos on the child's part of an innocence so saturated with knowledge and so directed to diplomacy.”

“She had had a real fright but had fallen back to earth. The odd thing was that in her fall her fear too had been dashed down and broken. It was gone.”

“Mrs. Wix gave a sidelong look. She still had room for wonder at what Maisie knew.”

“She was to feel henceforth as if she were flattening her nose upon the hard window-pane of the sweet-shop of knowledge”

“The mere sense of his grasp in her own covered the ground of loss just as much as the ground of gain. His presence was like an object brought so close to her face that she couldn't see round its edges”

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