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Big Fish

Daniel Wallace

Top 10 Best Quotes

“When a man's stories are remembered, then he is immortal.”

“Dreams are what keep a man going.”

“The ending is always a surprise.”

“You’re not necessarily supposed to believe it…You’re just supposed to believe in it.”

“This is what is meant by last words: they are keys to unlock the afterlife. They're not last words but passwords, and as soon as they're spoken you can go.”

“He believed the stars were wishes, and that one day they would all come true.”

“Remembering a man's stories makes him immortal.”

“In the land of the dying, sentences go unfinished, you know how they're going to end.”

“We all have stories, just as you do. Ways in which he touched us, helped us, gave us money, sold it to us wholesale. Lots of stories, big and small. They all add up. Over a lifetime it all adds up. That's why we're here, William. We're a a part of him, who he is, just as he is a part of us. You still don't understand, do you?" I didn't. But as I stared at the man and he stared back at me, in my father's dream I remembered where we'd met before. "And what did my father do for you?" I asked him, and the old man smiled. "He made me laugh," he said.”

“People were so cheap there... they ate beans to save on bubble bath.”

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