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Savage Urges

Suzanne Wright

Top 10 Best Quotes

“Everything ok here ?" Ryan grunted urging her with a hand on her lower back. "He thinks you should mind your own business,"Makenna told the Beta,translating the grunt. Dominic cocked his head."You understand his grunts?" She lifted her chin."I thought it was crystal clear." Dominic turned to Ryan."Marry her." Ryan grunted again before heading for the door. "What did he say?"Dominic asked her. "Fuck off,"she translated.”

“Trey cocked one brow at her. “Do I not get a say in this?” “She patted his arm. “Of course you do. Just note that if your opinion is different from mine, it will be disregarded.”

“You’re important to me … I don’t like being away from you. And sometimes…you make me want to smile.”

“What are the funniest famous last words you've ever heard?" Lost, Ryan just stared at her. Why did her brain constantly spit out nonsensical questions? "Fine be boring." She turned to Jaime, who was sprawled on the neighboring blanked, and repeated the question. "Lightning never hits the same spot twice," said Jaime. Everyone laughted. "You know any"" she asked her mate. "Pull the pin out and count to what?" said Dante. Dominic plopped himself on the ground next to Zac. "I got one: Hold my beer while I do this." Taryn raised her hand. "Hey, what does this button do?" "This doesn't taste right," said Marcus. Bracken, a Mercury Pack enforcer spoke. "It's just a flesh wound." Ally offered, "No dummy, that's a dolphin fin." "What's that red dot on your forehead?" said McKenna. Amused in spite of himself - it was after all, a completely pointless conversation - Ryan kissed her temple.”

“Please don’t stop,” said Dominic. “Watching you two interact is seriously fascinating. “When Ryan grunted, Dominic asked Makenna, “What did he say?” “He called you an asshole.” Dominic feigned hurt. “Dude, that was mean.”

“I’m not who fate gave you.” “You think I give a fuck about fate? I make my own decisions. I choose my own path. I choose you.”

“Tao sidled up to Ryan as they approached the buffet. “Quick question,” the Head Enforcer asked quietly. “What would happen if I asked Makenna out?” With a calm he didn’t feel, Ryan said, “I’d rip out your throat before the last word escaped your mouth.” Tao nodded. “Thought so.”

“So, are you into casual sex or should I dress up?”

“You know,” said Makenna, breaking into his thoughts, “I think I’d have a decent shot of surviving a zombie apocalypse. What about you guys?” And just like that, the tension melted away. “She does that a lot.” Zac chuckled. “Ask weird questions, I mean.” He twisted slightly in his seat to reply, “Um…yeah, I think I could.” Then he looked at Ryan. “You?” Ryan opened and closed his mouth three times. “I don’t know how to involve myself in this conversation.”

“You’re mine, Makenna. You can fight it all you want, but you belong to me.”

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