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Wilder Girls

Rory Power

Top 10 Best Quotes

“We don't get to choose what hurts us”

“I think I’d been looking for it all my life a storm in my body to match the one in my head.”

“She’s never liked us much, not since she complained that there were no boys on the island, and Reese gave her the blankest look I’ve ever seen and said, “Plenty of girls, though.”

“Some days it’s fine. Others it nearly breaks me. The emptiness of the horizon, and the hunger in my body, and how will we ever survive this if we can’t survive each other? “We’re gonna make it. Tell me we’re gonna make it.”

“There's no room to feel bad. If I feel that, I have to feel everything else.”

“Byatt’s carved her initials over and over. BW. BW. BW. She does that everywhere. On the bunk, on her desk in every class we had, on the trees in the grove by the water. Marking Raxter as hers, and sometimes I think if she asked, I’d let her do the same to me.”

“Some things don’t belong to other people,” she says, tired and drifting. “Some things are just mine.”

“It’s like that, with all of us here. Sick, strange, and we don’t know why. Things bursting out of us, bits missing and pieces sloughing off, and then we harden and smooth over.”

“I miss the north side cliff and the waves below, and I miss the way the wind steals your breath like it never belonged to you in the first place.”

“Usually, it was an accident. A lie I never set out to tell. A trick I never meant to play. I’d open my mouth, and something strange would come out, new and not mine. Like there was someone else inside.”

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nature, sapphic-horror, stealing, lies, wilder-girls, ya, byatt, horror, breath

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