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Hello, Universe

Erin Entrada Kelly

Top 10 Best Quotes

“Crying is good for the soul. It means something needs to be released. And if you don't release the something, it just weighs you down until you can hardly move.”

“That was their name for him: Turtle. Because he wouldn’t “come out of his shell.” Every time they said it, a piece of him broke.”

“Alone is good. It’s less trouble.”

“You have to pick an avocado that is darker in color, not too green. Then you place it in the palm of your hand and squeeze—gently, real gently. If you squeeze too hard, your avocado will get all bruised up. You want it to be soft but firm. If it squishes too much, it could be rotten. But if it squishes just a little, it’s probably ripe and ready.”

“It was true about guinea pigs. They weren’t supposed to live alone. Virgil wished he’d never learned that, because now he was convinced that Gulliver suffered from debilitating depression. The poor black-and-white rodent had been by himself for the past eighteen months, and Virgil couldn’t help but think he’d been pining the hours away in desperate loneliness.”

“He couldn’t breathe, either. His lungs had been stolen by the darkness. He sputtered and clutched his backpack close to him, both arms wrapped around it like a life raft. Gulliver chirped, not knowing any better. Or maybe he did, and he was saying good-bye.”

“Would the Bull push him down from behind? Bounce the basketball off his head? At school he usually just shoved him into the wall. The Bull had never actually thrown him down or beaten him up or anything. But there was a first time for everything.”

“Virgil fed Gulliver and texted Kaori as he walked down the hall for breakfast. Under normal circumstances, he wouldn’t text someone at seven forty-five in the morning, especially not on the first day of summer—but nothing about Kaori was normal. Besides, she always seemed to be awake.”

“Virgil didn’t think of him as the Bull just because Chet’s last name was Bullens. The kid really was like a bull. Always ready to charge, always fired up to call Virgil a retard or pansy. Sometimes Virgil expected smoke to come spewing from Chet Bullens’s nostrils.”

“Virgil could see the backpack. He couldn’t tell if there was any movement inside, but he certainly couldn’t just climb back out and give up. Not without Gulliver. The thought of abandoning Gulliver was far worse than the realization that he’d have to jump.”

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