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The Curved Rainbow

Jyoti Patel

Top 10 Best Quotes

“She has this intense passion She feels like the crazy adventure Filled with peace and silence”

“Show me your scars Show me the most damaged parts of you And I promise that I will take care of you for always I promise that I will Sit with your hands in mine Even when the stars go out”

“I know He is the only one For I feel surrounded By a thousand golden fairies In the dark He is the only one For he touched my soul With his words Before my body with fingers For he kissed my heart Before planting a kiss on my lips”

“She is the blessed soul For she is pure in heart And feels the heaven on earth”

“She is truly a miracle of god Wherever she is Wonders happen And in her presence Things are not in my control either”

“She follows her heart Burns with the fire Shines through the dark Takes her brain along She is growing By burning the bridges and Lighting the candles”

“Once upon a time She tried so hard to fix him And in the moment he was fixed He simply left She blossomed in the dirty pond And still is a beautiful flower She was drown Trying to teach him how to swim”

“Baby girl Wake up and Worry a little less today Be brave and strong Open the doors and receive All the light Let the rays of sunshine come in”

“The moon shining high Listening to their story Without a sigh They scaled the peaks Imprinting their names In time and space In their love The rainbow curved in delight”

“Oh The way you broke her heart And shattered her life With your empty promises And biggest lies The trust is gone and The hope is lost for ever The feeling of emptiness And the pain of being alone Never leaves her heart She is living a life Of heartache and despair For you broke her heart And shattered her life”

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