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Kelli Russell Agodon

Top 10 Best Quotes

“If you think you are the mermaid, think again. You are the ocean holding the mermaid afloat, trying to change the world one dolphin at a time.”

“I don’t believe we should carry backup plans in life’s suitcase— they’re too easy to unpack like living a life in yoga pants, so comfortable our hips spread into new timezones...”

“...look up and see the madness organized in the stars.”

“Sometimes darkness is the beauty I am made of—”

“Yes, it hurts to fall— ache, tenderness —but each scar is a sign your system is working.”

“Maybe I’m still the mermaid. Maybe the ocean is your hand.”

“the moon is just another kind of clock”

“We must live with our hearts in our hands - like Mary. We must hold the blood- red heart and no be disappointed when others look away.”

“Know there's beauty in the words you leave out”

“To suffer together is to suffer with beauty,”

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