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The Orphan Queen

Jodi Meadows

Top 10 Best Quotes

“Try to be polite." "I'm always polite." "You're always eyeing people's valuables. That's hardly polite.”

“The pain of what happened – it won’t last eternity.” A lie. I knew very well how pain could last, and fester, and shape a person in unnameable ways.”

“Oh, nameless girl. When will you learn to trust me?”

“What do you enjoy doing?” Forgery? “Writing letters. Drawing.” Picking locks? “Puzzles.” Fighting? “Sewing.”

“Authenticity was the key to any deception. Sometimes authenticity was disgusting.”

“I was there was the war began. And when it ended.”

“I was going to have to face the man who'd destroyed my kingdom, and the boy who was the reason.”

“Taking me out to robberies, bar fights, and wraith houses isn't enough for you anymore? I though we were happy." "Only the best for you, my lady.”

“If I were going to fight and steal, It'd be because I had no choice. It would be for survival.”

“I narrowed my eyes. I don't trust you. I don't trust you,either. So we don't move. Ever? He met my eyes again,and searched me.”

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