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The Three Marriages: Reimagining Work, Self and Relationship

David Whyte

Top 10 Best Quotes

“We are each a river with a particular abiding character, but we show radically different aspects of our self according to the territory through which we travel.”

“Therefore, at any time of life, follow your own questions; don’t mistake other people’s questions for your own.”

“Jane Austen never did marry. Why doesthat statement call for such reflexive pity? It carries a diferent meaning if we follow it up: Jane Austen never did marry, and therefore she was given the time and perspective to produce books as well-written as those by anyone who ever lived." -

“The truth about our own modest contribution might immobilize us: much easier then, to tell ourselves a story about how much we make our own reality. ”

“Read and admire, but then go back to first principles and ask the question yourself, in your own way. Dare to disagree.”

“Feeling far away from what we want tells us one of two things about our work: that we are at the beginning or that we have forgotten where we were going.”

“work and life are not separate things and therefore cannot be balanced against each other except to create further trouble.”

“What we love in other human beings is the hoped-for satisfaction of our desire, we do not love them for their desire. If what we loved in them was their desire, then we should love them as our self.” When”

“Work, like marriage, is a place you can lose yourself more easily perhaps than finding yourself. It is a place full of powerful undercurrents, a place to find our selves, but also, a place to drown, losing all sense of our own voice, our own contribution and conversation.”

“We each have a particular way of shaping ourselves in the world. To take on someone else’s conversational style and to keep repeating other people’s questions as if they were our own is to exhaust ourselves. It doesn’t matter if it is the thoughts of Socrates or Susan Sontag. Read and admire, but then go back to first principles and ask the question yourself, in your own way. Dare to disagree.”

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