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Culpa Innata

B. Barmanbek

Top 10 Best Quotes

“She liked who she was becoming, despite the pain and frustration it brought.”

“You can only rise so far by climbing on others’ shoulders, you know.”

“This director could say many things about duty, and self-respect, and dignity, but she knew none of these meant much in the post-modern world.”

“She was afraid of not being able to pull herself out of the dream world, never waking up, never knowing what really happened, never realizing her goals, her hopes, her dreams.”

“Now, this was a combination that she wouldn’t dare to dream of, even in her worst nightmare.”

“In the world union, prosperity is a science, self-interest a new religion, peace is at hand and the future has never looked brighter.”

“As one climbs up the ladders in society, one starts feeling more and more like an owner, less like a member of it.”

“The worst kind of victim was the kind that was aware of nothing.”

“I’m just an apprentice, stuck between these borrowed first and last breaths that I was given, drinking water of life, and chasing the fire of knowledge, and waiting to mingle with my eternal and faithful love, earth.”

“I’d likte to welcome you to the land of free, where healthy, wealthy, happy people contribute to the civilization under the protection of the rules of capitalism, laws of science and rights of universal suffrage.”

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utopia, crime, science-fiction, science-fiction-romance, future

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