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Princess in Waiting

Meg Cabot

Top 10 Best Quotes

“French: why does this language even exist? Everyone there speaks english anyway.”

“I realized Michael was right. I mean, I am always writing in this journal. And I do compose a lot of poetry, and write a lot of notes and emails and stuff. I mean, I feel like I am always writing. I do it so much, I never even thought about it as a talent. It's just something I do all the time, like breathing.”

“Hello," Lilly said."Movie. Of your life.You were portrayed as shy and awkward." "I am shy and awkward," I reminded her. "They made your grandmother all kindly and sympathetic to your plight," Lilly said."It was the grossest mischaracterization I've seen since Shakespeare in Love tried to pass off the Bard as a hottie with a six-pack and a full set of teeth.”

“Really,Mia,"she said. "You know I don't like to contradict your grandmother ..." This was the biggest lie I'd heard since the Prince of Liechtenstein told me I waltzed divinely,but I let it slide,on account of Mom's condition.”

“But a sweater? I mean,that is so unromantic.It is the kind of thing I would get my dad — if he wasn't so in need of anger-management manuals,which is what I got for him for Christmas.”

“How do I know Michael hasn't met some other girl? Some Floridian girl, with long,sun-streaked hair, and a tan,and breasts? Who has access to the Internet and isn't cooped up in a palace with her crazy grandma,a homeless,Speedo-wearing prince and a freakish,hairless miniature poodle?”

“Because when it comes to our men, we Renaldo women don't mess around. We play for keeps. And we have the battle scars to prove it.”

“Tina is so mad at Charlotte Brontë. She says Jane Eyre ruined her life.”

“Oh, Michael, soon we’ll be parkin’ in front of Grand Moff Tarkin Enjoying veggie moo shu to the beeps of R2-D2 And maybe even holding hands while gazing upon the Tatooine sands And knowing that our love by far has more fire power than the Death Star And though they may blow up our planet and kill every creature living on it Like Leia and Han, in the stars above, they can never destroy our love— Like the Millennium Falcon in hyperdrive our love will continue to thrive and thrive.”

“Men enjoy the hunt, you see, and once their quarry has been taken, they tend to lose all interest.”

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