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Decision Master: The Art and Science of Decision Making

Pearl Zhu

Top 10 Best Quotes

“It is often said that a wrong decision taken at the right time is better than a right decision taken at the wrong time.”

“The art of decision making includes the art of questioning.”

“The science of decision-making is to make sure there is an effective decision process in place.”

“Decision making is an art only until the person understands the science.”

“Both the art of intuition and the science of analytics have the role to play in making wise decisions.”

“Decision makers with emotional excellence have the ability to dispassionately examine alternatives via fact finding, analysis, structured planning, objective evaluations, and comparison.”

“Decision maturity is to ensure the right decisions have been made by the right people at the right time to solve the right problems.”

“The company’s leadership plays a major role in framing the right questions for decision-making.”

“High EQ decision makers can leverage multifaceted thought processes in making sound judgments and improving the overall decision-making maturity.”

“No decision in the world outlives the time, place, and person’s constituents on the basis of which it was made.”

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