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Lost Identity

Karl Braungart

Top 10 Best Quotes

“Captain Miller, we know that you are connected with military intelligence, and can obtain classified documents.”

“I know this will be a shock as you’ve just arrived, but I have decided to resign. It seems our timing is off.”

“Actually, we’re with the United States Army stationed in Germany. My friend Paul comes here about every two to three weeks to visit his Dutch girlfriend.”

“We are aware of your association with the Russian mafia, Mr. Linkov. Of course, you do not want this publicized. It would mean the end of your diplomatic career, perhaps imprisonment.”

“We found an American soldier. He is with us right now. I performed the steps of initial drugging. Minutes ago, I gave him an injection to calm him and reverse the drowsy state of mind. He is doing better.”

“We work in the city of Würzburg, which is between Frankfurt and Nürnberg. Eric and I are in military intelligence.”

“And we are not pursuing military information on this trip. At least not about the Russian mafia exchanging Russian-Ukrainian tanks and electronics for their benefit in Syria.”

“And thank you, Oskars, for the State Department recordings. All of us especially liked the discussion about our espionage tactic regarding the tank transfers out of Georgia into Syria. It was amusing, to say the least.”

“This assignment is my duty to perform for the US Army. My job is outside your command, my friend. You know my security clearance level remains the same. Copying the SCI is a safety measure, in case there is an electrical glitch. So, I believe we’ve talked enough about this subject. Agree?”

“Major Yildiz has a contact in Stuttgart who is a high-ranking officer of the US V Corps. He is going to help us.”

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