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José Saramago

Top 10 Best Quotes

“As my cat would say, all hours are good for sleeping.”

“Oh, I'm not just going too far, I've arrived.”

“But truths need to be repeated many times so that they don't, poor things, lapse into oblivion.”

“One can show no greater respect than to weep for a stranger.”

“It is an unwavering rule for those in power that, when it comes to heads, it is best to cut them off before they start thinking, afterwards, it might be too late.”

“Casting a ballot is your irrevocable right, and no one will ever deny you that right, but just as you tell children not to play with matches, so we warn whole peoples of the dangers of playing with dynamite.”

“We are born, and at that moment, it is as if we had signed a pact for the rest of our life, but a day may come when we will ask ourselves Who signed this on my behalf,”

“I have yet to hear a single idea that was worth considering for longer than it took us to listen to it.”

“human beings are known universally as the only animals capable of lying, and while it is true that they sometimes lie out of fear and sometimes out of self-interest, they also occasionally lie because they realize, just in time, that this is the only means available to them of defending the truth.”

“Put less respectfully, these men and women, standing before the mirror of their life, spit every day in the face of what they were with the sputum of what they are.”

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