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Lives to Serve Before I Sleep

Abhijit Naskar

Top 10 Best Quotes

“When you gain real insight into the human universe, you lose the capacity to blame.”

“Own your biases, don't be owned by them.”

“A huge portion of the human society runs on autopilot, under the authority of biases. That's why, the world is infested with so many conflicts. Once the humans get hold of their biases instead of letting their biases get hold of them, all conflicts would vanish into thin air.”

“United we are humans, divided we are apes.”

“Practicing a thousand yoga postures, doesn't make a person spiritual, nor does uttering "aum" or "hallelujah" a thousand times - what makes a person spiritual, is plain ordinary everyday act of kindness.”

“If you want to be an extremist, be extreme in your acts of kindness - if you want to be a fundamentalist, practice the fundamental principle of acceptance in every walk of your life - if you want to be an intellectual, use your intellect to improve human condition.”

“I care not about science, I care not about spirituality, all I care about is service of humanity.”

“I belong to America, as much as I belong to Russia - I belong to England, as much as I belong to France - I belong to Bulgaria, as much as I belong to Turkey - I belong to India, as much as I belong to Pakistan, Bangladesh and so on. I belong to every nation on this planet. Every country is my country - every culture is my culture - every history is my history. One who sacrifices the self in the service of others, no longer sees any separation whatsoever between the self and the rest of the world - it all becomes one.”

“Be the person who moves hearts - be the person who heals wounds - be the person who makes darkness disappear - be the person who makes colors reappear.”

“You have the power to turn this tearful world into a cheerful one. The question is, will you?”

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