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Night's Master

Tanith Lee

Top 10 Best Quotes

“Go nowhere on a horse that fades, for your dreams will betray you.”

“and their days make no story for they were good and joyful and without event”

“Flat or round, there has always been hate in the world.”

“Dawn rose from the desert and turned the river to wine”

“Go nowhere on a horse that fades.”

“Azhrarn, Lord of Terrors, terrified.”

“You, too, are a fool, earthborn, to trust in demon-kind and to ride on a mare of smoke and night. What demons love they slay in the end, and the gifts of demons are snares. Go nowhere on a horse that fades, for your dreams will betray you.”

“The child might fear to be born and the mother to give birth, yet neither can choose otherwise when the time is come. Neither have I a choice. This is my only path.”

“And I will love you; for such as I am, I do not give my love lightly, but once given it is sure. Only remember this, if ever you make an enemy of me, your life shall be as dust or sand in the wind. For what a demon loves and loses he will destroy, and my power is the mightiest you are ever likely to know.”

“ONE NIGHT, AZHRARN Prince of Demons, one of the Lords of Darkness, took on him, for amusement, the shape of a great black eagle. East and west he flew, beating with his vast wings, north and south, to the four edges of the world, for in those days the earth was flat and floated on the ocean of chaos.”

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