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Lois McMaster Bujold

Top 10 Best Quotes

“Some people grow into their dreams, instead of out of them.”

“All the geniuses I ever met were so just part of the time. To qualify, you only have to be great once, you know. Once when it matters.”

“I know girls who pine for it. They like to play dress-up and pretend being Vor ladies of old, rescued from menace by romantic Vor youths. For some reason they never play 'dying in childbirth', or 'vomiting your guts out from the red dysentery', or 'weaving till you go blind and crippled from arthritis and dye poisoning', or 'infanticide'. Well, they do die romantically of disease sometimes, but somehow it's always an illness that makes you interestingly pale and everyone sorry and doesn't involve losing bowel control.”

“So the difference between a criminal and a hero is the order in which their vile crimes are committed. And justice comes with a sell-by date. In that case, you’d better hurry. You wouldn't want your heroism to spoil.”

“It’s just a thing. You deal with it." "As in, one damn thing after another?" "Yes, very like.”

“There is a sad disconnectedness that overcomes a library when its owner is gone.”

“like swatting flies with a laser cannon. The aim's a bit tricky, but it sure takes care of the flies.”

“Once you had delegated the best people to do a job for you, you had to trust both them and your judgment. What”

“He’s not so short,” said Ekaterin defensively. “He’s just . . . concentrated.” Her”

“If only you were willing to betray a trust, why, the most amazing range of possible actions opened up to you.”

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