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The Summer We Forgot

Caroline George

Top 10 Best Quotes

“In the pursuit of perfection, I forgot I was already enough.”

“We’re not what people have done to us. We’re not what we’ve done to ourselves. We’re not the past. We’re the future. Not what’s been done. What we’ll do.”

“We don’t choose people. Our hearts do. And they’re little saboteurs, always trying to get themselves broken.”

“Knowing him was sweatpants and suntans and riding in his Jeep until the sky turned pink and purple. Growing up with him involved the best days, fishing off his dock as crickets chirped in the background, watching outdoor movies until we fell asleep on his old bedspread. It was love. It was young. And I feel it all still, burning in the places it shouldn’t be. Even though he betrayed me.”

“Attraction, in my experience, isn’t based on whether someone is the sexiest or most intriguing. Attraction is looking at a girl—that girl—and knowing without a doubt she’s the home I’ve always wanted. Knowing I could spend every day looking at her and still believe she’s the loveliest, kindest, most wonderful person who ever breathed.”

“Dad tells me there’s no such thing as easy, no foolproof way to get through life unscathed. Every decision brings challenges. So, we don’t get easy. We only choose our hard. And if us is even on the table, believe me when I say you’re the easiest hard choice I’ll ever make.”

“Nostalgia makes hallowed ground from mundane places.”

“I could tell him I love him, but love seems too cliché, too overdone. I feel love, but I also feel jokes and front porch fights, pinky promises and friendship bracelets. I feel rolling my eyes when he made fun of my favorite songs, yelling at him when he paired up with Ashley Olson on our seventh-grade field day. I feel love, but I also feel our history, years and years of choosing him, the good and bad, highs and lows. Choosing to love. Not despite the flaws. Because of them. Because the mistakes prove we were together long enough to make them. Because we knew each other at our worst and even then, no one else compared.”

“Funny how perfection can mean a million things. Tonight, it’s a boy and supermarket salads, the air tasting of salt and second chances, and a butterfly feeling in my chest.”

“They didn't save me from being alone. They saved me from thinking no one cared about my hurt.”

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