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Awakenigma Allegory Anomalous

Andrew Edward Lucier

Top 10 Best Quotes

“Her smile alone could light up the darkest of souls The scent of a harvest of roses Skin as soft as silk clothes Energy explosive”

“What if the whole world just held hands? United as one Those who opposed, fell off Disintegrated into the sun The only thing left of evil was ash The only thing left on earth was people with passion Heart for Mother Nature Caring for their fellow human being Common considerate behavior Contribution towards humane higher plane of consciousness”

“We're all under pressure Strangled by stresses If you treasure what you do have That's the success, that's most impressive”

“Time moves quickly In the blink of an eye You're gone Do you miss me Feels like yesterday We were on Blissfully Grab your chin With my palm Kiss your cheek”

“Once you know, you know nothing Nothing can stop you from being you Rare beautiful human being Please don't stop being you”

“There's no risk on the path to bliss Be your own activist Imagine altering the process of thoughts to positive and passionate Honing in on habits of happiness”

“There's more than five senses, it's just one of the ways they suppress us, my precious girl Vibrations are vital for our planet's progression In order to move forward Feel the singular life force of the world”

“The only truth is within you Pessimist people Refute and dispute I speak from deep in the root The spirit The soul The self Guide me through life's commute I'm just admiring the view”

“Perusing for personal peace in a placid place pondering the possibilities of potentially possessing permanent patience and perseverance”

“Reality really relies on authoritatively regulating Your absolute attention”

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Book Keywords:

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