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John Kramer

Top 10 Best Quotes

“The people’s silence is a tyrant’s greatest advocate. The less captives talked, the less they knew; the less they knew, the more they feared; and the more they feared, the more easily others could manipulate them to their own ends, the more easily the captives could be controlled.”

“To be free, you must think. There is no way to follow blindly and to be free.”

“One of mankind’s greatest sins is inaction in the face of injustice.”

“Ignorance has one virtue: persistence. It will insist through dogged persistence on leading others to follow its vision no matter how misguided. Ignorance will drive the world to the brink of failure and catastrophe and beyond into the abyss with arrogance and anger because wisdom is often too polite to fight. Wisdom doesn’t like to impose its will, but that is all ignorance understands—force over free will and choice. Sooner or later the world comes to its senses, but oh the damage that has been done.”

“Too much reason limits man to the physical world and blinds his imagination to the greater things that may be. But too much faith blinds him from curing the human suffering in this world. Men with too much faith accept suffering; they expect it and even seek it out.”

“Some people are anchored to this world by their feet, others by their fears.”

“Every manmade disaster begins when one man thinks for another. However benevolent they begin, the ultimate outcome is tyranny.”

“The pursuit of goodness leads to greatness, but the pursuit of greatness, whether by a man or a nation, leads to ruin…. [G]ood men build; great men destroy. They destroy because they try to control something other than themselves and that always leads to destruction.”

“Public awareness is the equinox of tyranny’s rise; once one man learns of another’s captivity, he will act to free him. It is the best and most certain part of man’s nature.”

“We are all terminally mortal, but looking after each other will help us to become part of the immortal divine.”

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