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The Dawning of Power

Brian Rathbone

Top 10 Best Quotes

“Darkness, no matter how powerful it may seem, can be driven back by the tiniest spark.”

“We appreciate most that which we have lived without.”

“Stars are the souls of old sailors. They plot the skies and guide the wayward home.”

“Procrastination robs the world of countless treasures.”

“Your thoughts are your own, but your pain and suffering can be eased when you let the universe help, and your joy and happiness can be shared with the whole of existence. Your hope can go to every part of creation. By sending out your thoughts, you will feel less alone with your feelings. You can help others find their happiness, and you will receive help dealing with your troubles.”

“The world is but a pyre of timber waiting for the tiniest spark to unleash an inferno.”

“Slowly she began to process her thoughts. As always, some were painful, others whimsical.”

“Send someone for me if you need any advice to ignore.”

“No one can say what the future will hold.”

“Look at us. Two great heroes, neither willing to admit it.”

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