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Born of Betrayal

Sherrilyn Kenyon

Top 10 Best Quotes

“The worst decisions in life we make are always the one we make out of fear.”

“Where's Hauk?" "I'm right here." "Not you, Fain. My wingman." "He's in the hallway. You know how he is about explosives." "Yeah, I do, which is why I asked. Send him on a bullshit and long errand across the station. We don't want Grandma freaking out on us." -Darling & Fain”

“Parenthood is an equal share of awe and ah, crap." -Galene”

“Ah its fine. I don't mind." Hadrain sucked his breath in sharply. "Ooo, T. Have a care with that word. It always gives me chills." Talyn frowned. "What word?" "Fine. I hate it." "Seriously?" "Uh yeah. Are you out of your mind? I live with Jayne and two daughters. The most terrifying four-lettered-f-word a woman says in my house is 'fine.' I swear, every time I hear it, I cringe." Nero laughed. "Jayne? What have you done to my brother?" Kissing her cheek, Hadrain flashed a teasing grin. "Let me put it to you this way... God forbid anything should ever happen to her, but if it does I'm under orders to chain and lock her coffin shut during the middle of the funeral just to freak everyone out”

“You knew, didn't you? It's why you came running in here like you did." "I didn't know it was another IED. I just knew you'd been arrested and that you were being targeted by assassins." "And you came running," Talyn repeated. "It's what I would have been doing your whole life, had I known I had you." -Talyn & Fain”

“War's lips quivered as tears welled in his eyes. He fisted his hands in Fain's braids for comfort. 'It's Vega...she done threw me out and locked the door. She said she don't want no man around her ever again and that so long as I have a penis, I can't come in anymore. I like my penis, Paka, but I love my sister. Do I really have to choose between them? I mean, I guess I'll choose my sister, but I'd really like to keep them both if I could.”

“Thank goodness her father isn't here. Talyn, you should warn him before Nykyrian returns that he has no sense of humor about males courting his daughter." Talyn let out an evil laugh. "Why should I? I look forward to the entertainment. Am thinking I should take odds on it." -Kiara & Talyn”

“Nothing's more terrifying than to know you've got family in harm's way and to not be able to get to them." -Jayne”

“I'm surprised your mother never turned you in." "She tried once. Nyk put the fear of the gods into her." -Galene & Fain”

“¨Oh goody! I can’t wait! Jayne? Can we go get slaughtered by my brother I never knew I still had? Can we please!” -Hadrian”

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